This message is very confidential and has been generated for the sake of complete elimination of any potential chance of miss-understanding or problem between the user of this site and the company. We really hope that our users may not find any difficulty and problem, while using this website but on internet thing become vulnerable many times. So, please thoroughly read this disclaimer, prior the use of this website and any unnecessary claims by the users will not be entertained.

This site has been very purposefully developed for the sake of providing the general users of computer with a facility to make their desktops worth seeing and beautiful, by the use and help of wallpapers, available at this site. Visitors of this site are supposed to just download their desired wallpaper and get themselves benefited with the utility given by this site. They are not supposed to do anything, which can harm the beauty and usefulness of this website. This company is all about providing its users with the facility of making computer activity, fun and more enjoyable experience. We are in no-way intends to harm the computer or system of the users but it may happen that with the downloading of any wallpaper, any virus or computer threatening programs may transfer and they affect the working of computer. Here, we are mentioning very clearly that in any such case, the company would not be responsible of any damage done by the downloading of wallpaper. These wallpapers are for the utility of users but they may contain computer affecting malicious programs. So, be aware of the fact that we would not be responsible of any damage done by any of the wallpapers.

There may be some other threats to computer of the visitor of this website, after the downloading of any wallpaper from this website but here we are clearly writing that the company will not be responsible of any damage done. These malicious programs can come from anywhere in the website and while attaching with the wallpaper file, they can be transferred to the computer of the user of this website. For this reason, we have no control over transferring of these malicious programs to the computer of users. But we do everything we can for the sake of making our website, very safe and useful for any user.

These wallpapers have been organised, placed and arranged in this website for the sake of general users and visitors of this website. The visitors are required to visit the website and choose a beautiful wallpaper for their PC’s desktop. They are not supposed to harm the beauty and functionality of this website, in any possible way. If any person will be find involved in any such activity, which leads to harming of this website then the company will eligible for taking legal action against him/her.

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