DMCA policy

When will this policy apply?
This policy will be applicable only if any user of this website found, involved in any such activity, which can harm the utility, usefulness and purpose of this website. This website has been developed for the sake of providing a recreational facility for the users but the users are not allowed to use this website for any illegal activity or will found involved in violating the rules of this website. For the sake of keeping the content of this site unique, useful and purposeful, we really take care of the aspect that the content will remain safe from being copied by an unauthorized user. DMCA policy give the right to the owner of the website to take any kind of legal action against the offender of the content of website.
This company will respond against any kind of allegations of copyright violation and that response will be in accordance of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) policy. This policy basically provides a process to any website or the website owner to raise its concerns against any kind of allegations of copyright act, to the online service provider. When valid concern is received then the DMCA policy applying authority or take reasonable steps for taking down the offending content. By acting on this policy, the DMCA applying authority, first contact to the person or website, which is responsible for pasting of unauthorized or copy-righted content. After that the DMCA applying authority issues a notification to be filled by the offender of the copyrighted content. After that the DMCA applying authority, issues a counter notification and if they get back a legal response from the offender of the content then they release the copyrighted content, immediately. Further, the content will face a lot of problem in its releasing, if the website owner claims that a legal action is required to be taken against the offender of the content.
Notifications and counter notifications are the process which is required to properly implement the DMCA policy. It is also required by the law that if any offender of the content removes the copied text from its website then there should be no legal action required against the offender. Otherwise, a legal process should start against the offender so that the website content should be saved from any kind of unauthorized access or simply “stealing”. This all process is very clean and it is for the sake of both i.e. the offender and the website owner.
The DMCA policy immensely helps in making the content of any website, clean and unique. It imposes a threat on those offenders, who find no trouble in getting their required content from any website and as a result, they commit an act of theft. This policy provides facility to both: The website owner and the offender. This policy restricts the website owner to file a case directly against the offender of the website and DMCA policy acts like a bridge between the offender and website owner. So, it helps in resolving the infringement between the two parties, without the need of involving the law in between.

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