Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is about information collected with the help of this website. We are aware of the fact that this website is open for any kind of visitors and the users can come from any part of the world. The very important aspect of this privacy policy is that whatever information we will collect from the user of this website, will remain secure and confidential and we will not allow any unauthorized access to that information. The details of the information will be described below because the information that we will collect can be of very different types. The user may send us a massage and in that message, the user will surely have to mention his/her name and e-mail address, which will remain confidential unless the user will allow use to forward it in anyway. Also, your message will also remain confidential and only our customer relationship manager will authorized to access and read it. We also collect information with the help of cookies and that information will also not shared by us to anyone.

Personal Information:

Rest assured that any personal information provided by you will not be shared in any way with other users of this website. Personal information like your name, e-mail addresses, telephone no and personal address will never be visible or shared. Also, your message will remain confidential as well.

Retention of Personal Data:

Our company will hold your information, as long as it will be necessary for us and we will retain your data for a limited period. After that we will delete it or waste it unless you request this company to retain your data for a little bit further. This help us in making our service, more effective and better. Your data will not be shared with any third person unless requested or demanded by yourself.

Cookies and Other Functionality:

For the sake of making the appearance, functioning and usability better, our company use cookies and similar various technologies for getting the non-personal data of the computer of the user. This data also remains as secure as your personal data and we just collect it for the purpose of making this website even more better for the regular and new visitors. From this data we come to know that from where and when any visitor had visited our website and which part of the website is seen or used by the visitor. This data is also treated as the personal data of the user and it is not shared to any person unless some legal obligation enforce us to present this data for the sake of security check. While using this data, we take care of the aspect that this data has come from the source of our valuable visitor and we will use it for nothing else than making the website experience, better and secure.

Can this Privacy Policy Change?:

Yes, this privacy policy can change but the users or visitors of this website will not observe a major change in this policy. The government rules continue to change about the websites and things happening over internet. Also, Google and other search engines continue to change their policies with time and accordingly, we also have to change our policies with time to fulfill the changing needs. But it is impossible to make a drastic change in quick session. This privacy policy is according to the norms and rules made by Google for crawling the web and also we are mentioning them for the secrecy of our visitors.

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